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Energy Rise has been providing herbal supplements since 1998. Over the years our formulas have grown from Systems Balance to more then 20. 

Our formulation have improved the health, well being and longevity of our patients and clients, resulting in their health rehabilitate. 

Our herbs are lab tested from our distributor to reduce the prevalence of any foreign object or items being within the compound of the herbs. Our formulas are prepared with all natural ingredients, including Veg capsule for the best interchange within your body. Our liquid extracts, are made from quality products with no additives or harmful preservatives. To stabilize our extracts, we incorporate vegetable glycerin, vitamin E or C.

Energy Rise prides itself on being able to provided the best quality of herbal produce possible from distributors that have an outstanding quality control system to insure the highest quality herbal potency. 

Bowel Enhancer: Bowel Enhancer is a formula using fibrous (bulk) herbs that influence the body’s ability to move waste through the digestive system without irritating the system as they release unwanted waste in a timely manner. This formula is not comprised of laxative, which irritate the colon to expel waste by products from food. 

Di Gui Ren Shen: This herbal formulation allows the body to natural work in releasing heat from the body that affects the energy levels of the spleen, stomach and pancreas. In traditional Chinese medicine, disharmonies of the stomach includes diabetes, which is a heat wasting disharmony. The influence of the spleen is being tired and fatigued due to a lack of vital nutrients. Di Gui Ren Shen, assist your body in reducing stomach heat. The research on the herbs in this formula have shown to positively affect blood glucose levels. 

Elder Berry Bo He Formula During the cold and flu season, this  formula has shown the ability to assist the body in overcoming dampness (phlegm—mucus) and heat reducing lung Qi’s flow. Research shows herbs within this herbal compound increase lung Qi and yin (water), as it eliminates wind cold/damp (headaches, nasal congestion, and common cold). 

Male Toner is a formulation of phytonutrients (herbs) that assist the balance of Qi (energy), fire and water within a male's body. Qi is the energy that maintains the movement of (Jing) essence, (yin) water and fire (yang), resulting in a healthy organ network. When there is balance within the organ network, it increases the flow of Qi (energy) within the reproductive system as well.    Tonifying a male's body, improves and invigorates his endurance and stamina during vigorous life activities.  It assists the organ network in maintaining a healthy life rhythm.  

Green Earth Food: The grasses, and seas vegetables in this formula have been identified with high mineral contents, aiding in nourishing your body, with the ability to positively affect digestion, reducing and/or eliminating certain food cravings. Green Earth Food has a wide range of phytonutrients including chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green pigment of plants that undergo photosynthesis from the sun. Natures produces this to assist in humans and animals in extracting oxygen from the are as we expel carbon dioxide. This process continues when you internally ingest chlorophyll. Research has show the element of this formula (Spirulina, Chorolla, Kelp, Moringa, etc, have nourishing and healing properties. 


Gui Pi Tang: Gui Pi Tang is a Chinese formula meaning Returning the Spleen Decoction. This formula provides balance to the spleen’s energy as it balance and harmonizes the body energy levels, reducing sweets cravings and the storage of dampness. Dampness in your body is stored in the fatty tissues of your body, which can increase weight. When your spleen’s Qi is deficient, there is tiredness, lack of energy with sweet carvings, insomnia, anemia and weight gain, etc.. Gui Pi Tang, traditionally promotes the flow of spleen Qi, resulting in an increase in your body’s energy levels, as your nutritional values improve. 

Hai Zao Yu Hu San: Minerals like iodine are important for the balance within the body to maintain Jiazhuangxian (Thyroid). The seas vegetables and herbs in this formula are energy boosting and balancing herbs that could create a harmonious pathway build your thyroid energy. 

Lui Wei Di Huang Wen: Lui Wei Di Huang Wan (Six Ingredient pill with Rehamannia) is a classic Chinese formula that tonifies yin (water). It balances kidney and liver energy’s. In Chinese medicine, it is known for addressing vertigo, tinnitus, poor hearing, night sweats, heat in the five palms (hands, feet, a/or chest), spontaneous seminal emissions (a/or nocturnal), weak low back, light headedness. for yin deficiency of the kidney and liver 

You Gui Wen: You Gui Wen, (Restore the Right Kidney) is a classic Chinese formula that tonifies yang (fire). It promotes heating of the extremities when their cold, boost energy when there is fatigue, reduce impotence/infertility, urinary issues, lower back pain and edema in the lower extremities. 

Peaceful: Peaceful work to assist in balancing your mind, body, spirit connection. It promotes the flow of Qi throughout the body, increasing and activating energy of your Chakras system reducing and/or eliminating emotional disharmonies (depression, anxiety, anger, etc.), as it creates balance, peace and harmony. 

Marrow: The phytonutrients formulated in Marrow have been shown to enrich and nourish the body’s yin, which includes blood and body fluids and their circulation. The body is a balance between fire and water, Marrow stabilizes this balance through its influence on blood building. It increases bloods energy, promoting an increase in bloods nutritional values. In a similar manner as Lui Wei Di Huang Wen, Marrow has a healthy positive healing affect on the body 

Polyporus: Polyporus, is comprised of 7 powerful mushrooms that research has shown to increase the body’s ability to promote health. The research indicated that the polysaccharides in these mushrooms increase immunity, reduce blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and positively stimulate the body’s ability to heal. 

Weight Conditioner: The herbs in this formula reduce dampness, aids in the improvement of digestion, as it increases your bodies absorption of minerals, improving your body’s absorption of phytonutrients, releasing waste and balancing your body’s energy.

All single herbal products are $35.00 each.  

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